1.PURCHASING A recognised buyer with over 30 years experience, visiting local farms and auction markets purchasing only the best prime stock. 

2.F.A.B.L Using farms only where F.A.B.L (Farm Assured UK Beef &Lamb) is in operation is a symbol of excellence, which has been created and regularly inspected by MLC (Meat & Livestock commission). 

3.HYGIENE INSPECTIONS During process an OV (Official Veterinarian) and MHI (Meat Hygiene Inspectors) are in attendance to ensure all species after inspection are accepted into our food chain. 

4.TRACABILITY  Once livestock is purchased within our organization we have control to trace any species up to the finished article and end user. 

5.MATURING The 14 day ageing process as displayed within our chillers enhances the qualities of meats purchased at G Bolam Foods. 

6.MEAT PREPARATION Preparation of all meats is to the highest standard meeting customer requirements expected. Our expert team are on view whilst processing reassuring confidence in our methods set by G Bolam Foods. 

7.CUSTOMER SERVICE A managerial and trained staff working force with advances, intermediate and basic hygiene certificated are always in attendance.